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Dr Janet Maus
From the heart, the intelligent heart, I've learned to pause and listen. "There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart." -Chandogya Upanishad

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Life Coaching/Personal Development
Health & Wellness
Weight Management
emWave® demos
Advanced Training Specialties
Stopping Emotional Eating
Mid Atlantic
About me
Located in the Wash/Balt/NoVA Metro Area, I personally coach individuals who want to tap their creative energies and skills & expand their areas of expertise, flexibility, decision making, and to boost their performance and health.
Do you want to lose weight? Feel good about yourself? Increase your self esteem? Improve relationships? Re-energize? Call me! 240.244.5943
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Licensed, Stop Emotional Eating - SEE weight management program
Licensed HeartMath 1 on 1 Provider
Licensed in Cut-Thru
Qualified Instructor for the Resilient Educator
Licensed Chiropath

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Heart to Heart Stress Management
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Dr Janet Maus, Thursday, 07 April 2011 11:39
Dr Janet Maus
Money is NOT the sole motivator in life...nor is it at all important. 10 minute video... < < >
Dr Janet Maus, Wednesday, 06 April 2011 17:12
Dr Janet Maus Dr Deborah Rozman explains the HeartMath tools. It is so important to listen and understand the power of these tools. I believe everyone's best performance in music, or in life, can be achieved as you build the power of your heart. Deborah is just one of many whom I love to see at the annual fall conference in California. Hope you all come this year -- the first weekend in October.
Donna Collins, Thursday, 30 December 2010 22:36
Donna Collins
Hi Doc! Nice to meet you!
Melinda Dewey, Monday, 18 October 2010 18:07
Melinda Dewey
Dr. Janet, Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for reaching out. I look forward to learning more about the new articles. I have seen what is posted on the heartmath extranet alliances sight. Love your business name! With care, Melinda
Laurie Levin, Sunday, 10 October 2010 18:43
Laurie Levin
Hi Dr. Maus. Thanks for connecting. I would have loved to have been there this year. It's been way too long. So glad it was another wonderful time for providers. I would also love to do the training again. Have you done that? Thanks so much for connecting. Have a great week.

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